Saturday, June 1, 2013

Midnight Moonlight Madness

Last night (Friday), I found myself at 8:00 having no plans for the evening.  But I wanted some!  It was a beautiful, clear night, so I decided to hop on my bike, fire up the new randonneuring-friendly lighting system, and set out for remote pastures.

What a blast!  I think all avid cyclists owe it to themselves to try a nighttime ride at some point.  I wound up covering 85 miles or so, from my front door out to Sugarloaf and back, while enjoying (in a safe way) a new audiobook.

I headed out around 8:30, and got home just before 2:00 a.m.  It couldn't have been much more pleasant: no cars on the roads, no bikes on the roads.  Heck, no one on the roads but me and nocturnal wildlife.  I probably saw two dozen deer, several raccoons, and a few cats, all with eyes illuminated by my (quite wonderful) Exposure Joystick helmet light.

There's something liberating about freeing oneself from the dictates of prescribed training rides, group-ride pacing, wattages, heart rate zones, and all of that -- just head out and go.  When the only sounds are the soft whirring of one's tires, it's easy to remember why cycling is such a joy.  Even familiar routes look quite different at night, and the stars come out to play far from the city lights.

I definitely need to do this again soon.  If you love driving at night on the open road, this is way better.