Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alaska Big Wild Ride 1200k Randonnée: The Movie

Now for a bit of fun!  I made a 13-minute movie of my 1200k/750-mile bike ride in the 2013 Alaska Big Wild Ride.  

The incredible scenery is key here -- I highly recommend opening the movie in YouTube:
  1. Click on the word "YouTube"
  2. Select 720p HD for the resolution (click on the gear shape under the movie and choose 720p HD); and 
  3. Watch it in fullscreen mode.  
Note that playback on YouTube may be restricted on mobile devices, but it should be fine on a desktop or notebook.

I hope you enjoy it!

For more on this ride, check out my 3-part blog writeup:

Part 1, which previews the ride, is here.
Part 2, which covers my first leg, the 270 miles from Valdez to Delta Junction, is here.
Part 3, which covers my second leg, the 480 miles from Delta Junction to Anchorage, is here.