Monday, December 19, 2011

Functional Finds, Vol. 1

From time to time, I post links to interesting endurance-related articles, items, and ideas that I've come across.

(1)  An investigative article on why Kenyans are world-beaters, by my training buddy, the all-around-inspirational Kendra Goffredo.

Race leader and two guys in danger of forced deportation.
(2)  Some wicked cool saddles.  Most high-end saddles clock in at around 200 grams.  These saddles by Dash Cycles are about 1/4 of that weight.  You pay for what you get -- their m.4 road saddle retails for $750 -- but what you get is a 47-gram wonder. 

Road 47(g) and tri (34g) saddles has a review of Dash's time trial saddle that weighs less than 100g, and comes with water bottle bosses on the back.

(3)  Bike-part clocks and lamps by "Clocks, Cleats, and Cranks."  They're nutty but kind of neat-looking.

Lamp made from mountain bike shocks.

 (4)  A lucid explanation of which extension shapes work best in what contexts., a truly terrific site, comes through again.

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