Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Space Cadet Goes Cycling

A new year, a new amusing misadventure.  Today I joined some cycling buddies for a 45-mile, no-drop New Year ride.  I brought my road bike, along with my road shoes with Look Keo cleats -- nothing unusual here.

Look Keo cleat

Except that, upon driving nearly an hour to the ride start, I realized that my road bike was still in "commuter" mode, which meant that it had... not Look pedals.  Instead, it had these contraptions:

Not a Look Keo pedal

So, faced with a choice between sensibly calling it a day and riding 45 cold miles with flexy running shoes on crazy pedals the size of pencils, I... well, I probably don't even need to finish that sentence.  Climbing out of the saddle was a little sketchy, because I suspected that, if my foot slipped even a little, I'd impale myself on the pedal spindle or at least crack the hell out of my shin.  But what would the new year be without a little comic misadventure?  Oy vey.  I turned down a buddy's offer to duct tape my feet to the pedals.

It wasn't the swiftest ride I've ever had, nor was it the most, well, stable.  But I knocked it out nonetheless, and with it, crossed another "Doh!" moment off of my bucket list.  Maybe today I'll do my track workout in cycling shoes.


  1. You missed out using man's best invention: duct tape... There's good and evil in the world. Duct tape is what holds everything together!

  2. Most people would have thrown in the towel. In fact, of all the people I've seen make this mistake, you're the only one I know who has ridden anyway. Definitely give this one some mental leverage on a hellish ride when your feet ARE clipped it. Great work, DT.