Monday, August 18, 2014

Central California Coast 1200k Randonnée (3CR): The Movie

On August 7-10, 2014 I rode in the inaugural Central California Coast 1200k (750-mile) Randonnée.  It was every bit the magnificent adventure I'd hoped for, and I'll have a lot to say about it in blog posts... eventually.  (That write-up will appear in printed form first!  Randonneurs, keep an eye on your mailboxes.)  

For now, I've put together a 14-minute chronicle of the adventure.  Because the incredible scenery is key here, I recommend opening the movie full-screen high definition:
  1. Click on words "YouTube" in lower right of the video.
  2. Click on brackets "[  ]" on the lower-right of the video to expand it into full-screen mode.
  3. Select 720p HD for the resolution (click on the gear shape under the movie and choose 720p HD).
Note that, due to what I think are copyright issues, playback on YouTube may be restricted on mobile devices, but it should be fine on a desktop or notebook.

Journeys like this are always deeply personal, but I've tried my best to capture the spirit of my ride.  I hope you enjoy it!  If you want more like this, check out my video from Alaska's Big Wild Ride 1200k last year.

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